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  KoshiElves Listing   
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Character Name Owner Name Images
Taryn  2005 Koshi Owners
Guinivere and Athur  ??
Callisto  [Emotional Lobocore]
Natalie  [Mai]
AhMy  [Silver_Gun]
Ailissra  [Silver_Gun]
Akantha  [Silver_Gun]
Akhentaten  [Silver_Gun]
Alan  [Silver_Gun]
Alichain  [Silver_Gun]
Allesor  [Silver_Gun]
Alura  [Silver_Gun]
Amaethon  [Silver_Gun]
Ashley & Kafira  [Silver_Gun]
Beta  [Silver_Gun]
Carmina  [Silver_Gun]
Cerberus  [Silver_Gun]
Cerridwen  [Silver_Gun]
Cerridwen & Siverl  [Silver_Gun]
Collette  [Silver_Gun]
Cythera  [Silver_Gun]
Daeya  [Silver_Gun]
Eldyn  [Silver_Gun]
Eldyn,Cythera & Seras  [Silver_Gun]
Elissta  [Silver_Gun]